Hi! I'm Cameron.

I'm a driven learner, freelance web developer, and product builder— passionate for entrepreneurship, user experience, analytics, and marketing.

I study computer science, business analytics, and management of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. When not at school in Philadelphia, I live in Los Angeles.



University of Pennsylvania - Jerome Fisher Program in Mangement and Technology

3.95 GPA. 2016-2020.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a Bachelors of Science in Economics in Business Analytics and Management of Tech Entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of Business.


Harvard-Westlake School

3.94 GPA. 2013-2016.

Graduated Cum Laude (Highest Honors) top three in the class. Leader in entrepreneurship, ethics, and current events clubs on campus.


University of California, Los Angeles: SciArt NanoLab

Summer 2015.

Interdisciplinary summer course focusing on utilizing art and design to solve issues in modern nanoscience and computing.


General Purpose Programming Languages

From highest to lowest exposure.
  • JavaScript:  functional and object oriented programming, scripting.
  • Java:  test driven development (JUnit), Swing library used for GUI development, advanced collections and data structures.
  • Ruby:  foundational understanding, DRY programming.
  • C:  experience from the machine level up to building basic games and a compiler. Strong understanding of memory allocation and storage in the stack and heap.
  • OCaml:  test driven development, functional programming.

Web Development Programming Languages

  • HTML5:  user-oriented programming, industry standard syntax. Experience utlizing AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3 for hosting and AWS Route 53 for domain name management.
  • CSS3, Sass:   media queries for mobile-first development, CSS transitions for dynamic, engaging UX. Preprocessor used for more efficient and modular development.
  • JavaScript/jQuery:  writting object oriented and functional programs to keep track of web application state and make sites more interactive.
  • Bootstrap 4:  mobile-first CSS & JavaScript library for rapid and responsive web development.
  • Ruby on Rails 5:  web app programming, RESTful routes, deployment to Heroku. Databases with SQLite3 and PostgreSQL. View manipulation with embedded ruby (ERB).
  • React.js / React Native:  front end development; creating components and writing in JSX to handle the view side of web applications and native mobile applications.
  • Jest:  JavaScript unit testing.
  • Node:  server-side JavaScript.
  • Express:  JavaScript web servers.
  • MongoDB/Mongoose:   NoSQL database and JavaScript client.

Additional Technologies

  • Git:  managing projects through git for distributed version control. Primarily conducted via Github.
  • SQL:  relational database structuring and querying.
  • Google Analytics:  using the JavaScript plugin to generate insights into website growth.
  • Wordpress:  building websites through the Wordpress web application.

Digital Media

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver. Graphic design, concept design for applications, wireframing, digital art, and poster design.


Software Engineering Intern - Honey


June 2017 – present

Helping to build the consumer-focused future of ecommerce. REST API's with Node and Express, HTTP requests with jQuery and AJAX, general scripting and DOM querying with JavaScript and jQuery, test driven development with Jest, front end development with React Native.

Web and Marketing Developer - AR Textiles


February 2017 – May 2017

Modernized AR Textile's logo and image to better compete in the market. Integrated this logo into signage, business cards, and websites.

Proceeded to build a one page site to pitch the brand, answer common customer questions, and facilitate easier and more targeted communication between the customers and company.

Floor Staff - Crossroads Trading Company


Summer 2016

Retail experience at a consignment and recycled clothing store. Aided in interacting with customers and organizing merchandise in order to optimize sales.

Web Intern - Atletico SoCal Soccer Club


Winter 2016

Conducted design updates, proofreading, and content additions for the club's website, thereby improving their online presence and refining their company image.

Digital Designer - Soupure


Spring 2016

Aided in designing printouts and online pdfs for customer use to incentivize continued product use.

Growth Intern - Beacon School for Boys


Conducted web design and content updates, photo simulations in Photoshop, statistics, and site research. My work generated enough demonstrated interest to ensure the school would open by their scheduled date.


Web Developer - PennLabs


Fall 2017 – present

Pennlabs is a University-sponsored group of developers, designers, and intrapreneurs who make software products for students at Penn to make information and resources more accessible. I'm currently building PennCentral, a centralized source of personalized information with React, Express, and Node.

VP Marketing and Webmaster - YouthHack


Fall 2016 – present

YouthHack is an international organization dedicated to fomenting entrepreneurial culture among students. I lead the Core Team in all marketing initiatives for YouthHack events, partnerships, and programs. Further, I consult our student-run ventures within the Accelerator program regarding their own marketing, design, and consumer acquisition queries.

Projct Consultant - MUSE


Fall 2016 – present

MUSE, or the Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment, is a club at Wharton dedicated to marketing-oriented event planning and consulting. Through MUSE, I consult businesses, working primarily on go-to-market strategies, market research, and brand positioning and differentiation.

Volunteer - Inner-City Arts


Summer 2015

Inner-City Arts is an organization in downtown Los Angeles dedicated to providing free arts education to local youth. During my time there, I led student groups, aided professional artists in teaching groups, and helped maintenance in cleaning facilities and preparing installations.