Through my projects I learn, grow, and create.

The best way to learn is by directly implementing concepts. Thus, I'm a strong proponent of taking on projects of all kinds because they serve to tangibly hone my skills and extend my interests.


Personal website and blog

May 2017–June 2017

Personal site created to communicate who I am, pitch my personal image, and effectively display my writing, projects, and work.

Technologies: Rails 5.1, Ruby, Javascript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), Bootstrap 4, AWS S3, Heroku, SendGrid, Devise Gem, Paperclip Gem.


YouthHack website

May 2017–August 2017

YouthHack is an international organization dedicated to cultivating student entrepreneurship. We give them the tools and insights they need to build startups while in school. The website aims to modernize and differentiate YouthHack as a product-driven and completely student-run and student-built organization.


AR Textiles company website

February 2017–June 2017

Modernized AR Textile's branding and online presence through creating a website and new logo and marketing materials. This allows them to better connect with their customers and gives their customers important information about the company, their facilities, and their machinery.

Technologies: Javascript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3.


Javascript Tic-Tac-Toe

May 2017

Recreation of the game maintaining state in Javascript. The player has the option to enable a CPU which responds to the current game state by choosing its moves to maximize winning opportunities and minimize losing opportunities. To my understanding, the CPU cannot be beat.

Technologies: Javascript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.



June 2017

A web application created to streamline reaching out to mentors, recruiters, and customers. The aim is to keep all information organized in a manner that makes it easier to keep track of who you've reached out to: my goal was to make something better than a spreadsheet.

Technologies: Rails 5.1, Ruby, Javascript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), Bootstrap 4, AWS S3, Heroku, Devise Gem, Chartkick.


Express flashcards

July 2017

Web application created in order to practice routing, cookie manipulation, and database calls in Express and Node. This was additionally an opportunity to work on templating via Pug.

Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, Pug.js, Javascript (jQuery), CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Heroku.


The Business of Sustainability conference website

November 2016

Website developed for a conference held on campus by Penn Sustainability Review. This site highlighted the event's focus on sustainability in business and showcased the event speakers. Moreover, it proved pivotal in fomenting student interest.



November 2016–December 2017

Final project for CIS 196: Ruby on Rails Web Development at Penn. Mimics Instagram with many major features, including user profiles, posting images, liking images, commenting, and follower relationships.

Technologies: Rails 4, Heroku, Paperclip Gem, AWS s3, bcrypt, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.

Things to Add: make the app more responsive to different screen sizes, particually mobile devices. Add a more modern navbar. Implement searching for users. Integrating AJAX for real-time commenting and liking.


Java Minesweeper

December 2017

Final project for CIS 120: Programming Languages and Techniques I at Penn. It is coded entirely in Java utilizing Java's Swing library for the GUI display.

Major Features: Game board which automatically resizes based on window size and game level. Preset and custom difficulties. Random algorithm to generate the board based off of the user's initial click. Boxes touching zero mines utilize a recursive formula to reveal adjacent boxes. The game keeps track of time and logs highscores to external files.


Original personal website

August 2015–January 2017

The first website I ever built which I added to over two years. It showcased my artwork, projects, and experience.

Technologies: HTML5, Bootstrap 3, Javascript (jQuery), CSS3.