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Hi, I'm Cameron

I want to leverage tech to help people learn more and live better. I study computer science and management in the M&T program at UPenn, and spend my free time developing websites, learning new things, and going to new places.


University of Pennsylvania, Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology

2016 - 2020 / 3.93 GPA

Pursuing a BSE in Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a BS in Economics in Management of Entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of Business.

Harvard-Westlake School

2013 - 2016 / 3.94 GPA

Graduated Cum Laude (Highest Honors), top three in the class. Leader in entrepreneurship, ethics, and current events clubs on campus.


Forward Deployed Software Engineering Intern, Palantir

June - August 2019 • London, UK

  • Will work with clients to curate Palantir's software to meet their needs.
Growth Intern, ZestMoney

May - June 2019 • Bangalore, India

  • One of 13 students chosen to be a Wharton India Entrepreneurship Fellow in the program's inaugural year.
  • Conducted comprehensive competitive analysis and new market entry research for Bangalore-based ZestMoney.
Software Engineering Intern, PayPal

May - August 2018 • San Jose, CA

  • Full-stack JS feature development and testing (Node, Angular, Chai, Mocha).
  • Contributed in production to "Pay with PayPal" checkout flow.
  • Exercised $100K budget to dynamically introduce incentives at checkout.
  • Markedly improved conversion rates through targeted A/B tests.
  • Re-architected and consolidated modal components used throughout the checkout app for better device compatibility and a more consistent UI.
Software Engineering Intern, Honey

June - August 2017 • Los Angeles, CA

  • Wrote middleware and REST API endpoints for web and mobile e-commerce platforms.
  • Worked within an agile engineering team to build out new production features.
  • Technologies: JavaScript, Git, Node, Express, React Native, React, Jest, jQuery.
Product Manager, CIS 350: Software Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

January 2019 - Present • Philadelphia, PA

  • Guided two teams concurrently through agile development cycles.
  • Oversaw students in developing mobile apps on Android, admin panels on web, and backend servers running on Node.js with MongoDB.
Teaching Assistant, CIS 197: JavaScript, University of Pennsylvania

August 2018 - Present • Philadelphia, PA

  • Aided in development of homework sets, lectures, test suites, documentation, and projects.
  • Curriculum focuses on JS, Node, Express, React, Redux, and React Native.
  • Hosted office hours to help student with course assignments and concepts.
Co-Founder & Developer, Riplo

April 2018 - Present • Philadelphia, PA

  • Led web and mobile development team through multiple concurrent projects.
  • Created full-stack web and mobile apps for startups and small businesses.
  • Leveraged modern technologies and industry-trained best-practices.
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General Purpose

JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C, Python, Haskell.


React (Gatsby, Next), Redux, HTML, CSS (SCSS, styled-components), ERB, Handlebars, Angular, EJS, jQuery.


React Native, Android.


Node, Express, Passport, Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, Java Spark.

Databases & Deployment

Postgres, MongoDB, AWS (DynamoDB), Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Heroku.


Map Reduce, SQL, Spark, Jupyter Notebook, Storm.

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Co-Director, Web Developer, Penn Labs

September 2017 - Present

  • Penn Labs is a University-sponsored group of developers, designers, and intrapreneurs who make software products for students at Penn.
  • Met often with admins and the Undergraduate Assembly (UA) to find needs in the Penn community.
  • Oversaw our five teams to ensure all memebers are engaged and productive.
  • Built Penn Basics, a centralized source of dining, study, laundry, and events information on campus.
VP Marketing, Webmaster, YouthHack

August 2016 - Present

  • YouthHack is an international organization dedicated to building student entrepreneurs.
  • Led all marketing and tech initiatives for events, partnerships, and programs.
  • Consulted student-run ventures within our Ventures Accelerator program.
Project Consultant, MUSE

August 2016 - December 2017

  • The Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment is a club at Wharton dedicated to marketing-based events and consulting.
  • Developed go-to-market strategies, market research, and brand positioning for our clients.

Recent Projects


Assisted in building a landing page for Orthly: a company who provides invisible aligners to patients for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods like braces or Invisalign.

Technologies: React, Gatsby, Netlify.



A short-term home insurance product for hurricanes built for PennApps F18. Leveraged machine learning algorithm trained on NOAA data to calculate risk of damages to assets and a hedging portfolio of shorts on correlated, publicly traded local utilities.

Technologies: React, Redux, Google Maps API, Python, Google Cloud Platform, DocuSign API.

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