Tools of Titans

The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

By Tim Ferriss



Originally published

Dec 6, 2016




Sep 28, 2021


Oct 21, 2021

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Keto diet / slow carb diet / fasting
The more often you enter keto the easier it is for you to get into it again
During fasts, you can take exogenous ketones, BCAAs, fats to maintain yourself
Method to accelerate getting into ketosis: sip water with salt and lemon juice. Go for a brisk walk with constant hydration.
Uses vegetables as “fat transport vehicles” (butter, oils, etc,); 75 to 80 percent of calories should be from fat.
Fasting before chemotherapy can make fast dividing cells particularly receptive to chemo.
On option: fast in a 16:8 split to balance autophagy and anabolism.
IGF may be linked to development of certain cancers. Certain diets like intermittent fasting (IF) or Leto can slow this.
Slow carb razor: if it can be white, don’t eat it (bread, rice, other grains). Also try to avoid fruits (except avocado and tomatoes).
Keto can improve the integrity/safety of your DNA. A fast can purge precancerous cells in your body. Long fasts can reboot your immune system via stem-cell-based-regeneration.
Supplements and drugs
Metformin is potentially the most promising life extension drug. It slows your livers ability to put glucose into the bloodstream. It may slow down cancer cell pathways.
Magnesium is probably among the best anti-aging supplements.
Magnesium sulfide
Magnesium oxide
Magnesium glycinate
Magnesium orotate
Magnesium threonate
…each tends to "work" on a different part of the body
Calcium carbonate
Low dose lithium (1-5 mg)
Safe at low doses if you have normal kidney function.
Body and fitness
Cold baths can improve your mood.
When taking an ice bath, only put your hands in for the last 3 to 5 minutes. Your hands have a higher capillary density so they cannot be as cold for as long as the rest of your body (and thus will force you to have to get out sooner if you don't start with them out).
BCAAs can improve fuel during workouts. After workouts drink whey protein.
Post-workout do cold (ex. ice bath) hot (ex. sauna) repetitions.
Saunas can improve your cardio performance (for example time running until exhaustion). Stay in a hot bath or a sauna until you are uncomfortable and want to get out. Stay there for another five minutes, then get out and cool down with an ice bath or drinking ice water. Repeat.
Weightlifting improves your bone stability. This can make all the difference when you are 70.
Cholesterol is important. It can help you build more lean muscle. There is a spectrum. Context and goals matter.
You have to earn your carbs. The reality is that some people can earn them easier than others because their bodies are just better at processing carbs.
The same raw material produces cortisol and testosterone—there may be a negative correlation between the production of the two.
Stretch the calves and ankles before squatting. Make sure to do a contraction between static stretching and the squat to reduce risk of injury.
The people trying to get strongest are stretching like crazy. There are dumb gymnasts, and there are old gymnasts, but no old gymnast is dumb.
It's better to track body fat percentage than weight, which can be a lot more deceiving.
Mental models
Before getting tested for something, come prepared with all if-then scenarios. If you don’t have a plan of response then why even get tested?
When you have kids, are you the first person that they want to go to for advice?
Similar idea: if you are a boss or mentor, are you among the first people that others go to for advice?
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Halo warmup: use a plate or kettlebell and swing it slowly around your head. Great for shoulder and general upper body mobility. Khazak squats are also a great warmup.

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