Design and creativity are in everything

I have always loved to make things. Though I don't draw and paint as much as I used to, I try to bring a creative and design-driven mindset to all the work I do.


Study of the Eye

Graphite on paper


Study of the Iris

Hard pastel on paper


Self-Portrait: Light

Oil on canvas


Self-Portrait: Color

Watercolor, ink on paper



Acrylic on canvas board


Self-Portrait: Pain

Charcoal on canvas


Self-Portrait: Barriers

Graphite, white and black pencil on cardboard


Self-Portrait: Creation

Graphite on paper


Fahrenheit 451 Alternate Cover

Spray paint on newspaper on canvas


Impressionist Self-Portrait

Soft-pastel on illustration board


Hand Morph

Graphite on illustration board



Acrylic on illustration board


Old Master's Drawing Recreation

Conte crayon on neutral paper


Study of the Female Nude

Graphite and charcoal on paper.


Still-Life: Emotions

Graphite on paper


Self-Portrait: Box

Black and white watercolor pencil, acrylic, tape on drawing board




YouthHack, in collaboration with the Penn Technology and Entrepreneurship Club hosted a week of daily events relating to ideation and startup culture at Penn and beyond. I led marketing and design operations, creating cover photos, posters, emails, and graphics in order to ensure strong attendance.

Spring 2017

The Future Now

This was the Society of Global Affair's second annual event. This one centered on individuals speaking about how technology is shaping the futures of their respective fields right now. Again, I created posters, logos, and a presentation for this event.

Spring 2016

HW Reads: Moby Dick

My school hosted an all-night read of Melville's Moby Dick. To help, I created a logo, presentation, posters, and t-shirts which promoted the event and gave it a currated look. I tried to capture important symbols from the book and place them in a logo for all media related to the event.

Spring 2015

HW Venture

I was the design and marketing specialist for a HW Venture my senior year of high school. HW Venture is dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurial culture within the HW community. Through the club's logo and curated social media presence, in addition to providing a design perspective at club meetings, I contributed this aim.


Westside Story Poster

I was comissioned to do the artwork for my school's rendition of Laurents's American classic Westside Story. I focused on the play's setting in the city and so too the divisive qualities of its gang-culture, using red to foreshadow its dangerous result.

Fall 2015

Project R

This was the logo for the culminating project of my Sci-Art Nanolab class at UCLA. The objective was to "Imagine the Impossible." Project R, which gets its namesake from the adaptive "R" group of organic chemisty, was a prosthetic which utilizes conductive graphine and hydrostatic gel layers to simulate human muscles. The idea built off of recent research which layered onion cells and gold foil and passed through electric current causing the aparatus to contract like a muscle.

Summer 2015

Mind the Gap

I created a logo, posters, and a presentation for an event hosted by a club I was involved in at Harvard-Westlake, the Society of Global Affairs. The event centered on bringing in speakers successful across business, medicine, tech, and beyond to discuss the steps behind creation and innovation: behind "minding the gap" from idea to reality. I created the logo to reflect the power and importance of the topic itself.

Spring 2015

Beacon Site Simulation

I was tasked with creating an image which showed proespective parents and students what their school will look like. I mounted Beacon's logo on an ivy wall and added leaves and shadow to make it appear as one with the wall.

Summer 2015

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