Web app for curated listings, articles, and videos for exploring cities through food.

TimespanFebruary 2018 - March 2019
TechnologiesNode, React, Redux, Google Maps API, Amazon S3, Passport, MongoDB

Sam Joo, Edward Kim, Adam Ripley



Nalda aimed to change the way that college-age students consume and explore food options on and near their campuses. My friend Adam Ripley and I worked on this project for a group of Penn students who wanted to turn their idea into a reality.

After a few months working, the founders concluded that they'd struggle to grow to the point where the product would be properly monetizable.

Lessons Learned

Today, a portion of the data and image work has gone into my work on Penn Basics. Also, this was the first large-scale project I ever built in React. In developing this, I learned a lot about how to build more maintainable, readable, and extensible projects.

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