The Metric (v1)

Measuring what's happening around the world through your voice.


July 2017 - Present




Ruby on Rails, ERB, jQuery


Thabo Dhlamini, Jason Kim, Justin Iannacone, Max Yulis



It's been an incredible journey to build the tech behind The Metric. Under some fantastic leadership from people like Thabo Dhlamini, Jason Kim, and many, many others we've brought some fantastic, unique student perspectives to the web.

Post mortem

This was one of the first full-stack web applications I ever built. At the time, I didn't really understand how to build a flexible, adaptable website and didn't understand everything that open source software has to offer. I did a little bit more from scratch than I should have and jumped to solutions without considering all potential options.

I've also moved away from Ruby since I first built this site and have been really impressed with what you can build with tools like Gatsby, Netlify, and headless CMS platforms like Ghost. As such, I decided to fully rebuild the site and port all the data over from the original app to the new one. The development was fun, the data migration was, as per usual, quite the pain, and the editorial process, going forwards, has me really excited. Ghost is a more natural tool for authors to collaborate and do their best work. The future of The Metric seems bright!

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