A running list of things I like


Dec 21, 2020 · 1 min read

Peaceful cabins from early settlers in Grand Teton National Park


  • ...for life in general:

    • virtual debit cards.
    • Strava cardio tracking and social-fitness. What if more online communities were like this?
    • Down Dog workout and yoga apps.
    • Corners of YouTube where learning is fun and fast.
  • ...for software:

    • Netlify performant and affordable hosting with great developer experience.
    • TypeScript
    • Deliberate, expressive internal APIs (not just the REST-kind, all code you write is an API for yourself and other devs)
    • Reusable components
    • Util functions
    • The pipe operator


  • The more-good-than-bad kind:

    • Gnocchi (not too hard to make at home!)
    • Chicken breast, bacon, kale, Caesar dressing, tomatoes
    • Protein shakes; you can easilt include a little frozen spinach, seeds, and/or healthy fats
  • The more-bad-than-good kind:

    • Extra-toasty Cheez-Its
    • Chewy Chips Ahoy
    • The universe of sweet and salty items


  • Poorly-practiced yoga on the roof
  • Reading in the sun
  • Trail running
  • Slightly too-competitive pick-up basketball
  • Weight lifting
  • Cooking, especially with friends or family
  • Making websites
  • Sleep, ideally early to bed and to rise
  • Anything involving parks
  • Road trips
  • Camping
  • Hammocking


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